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Dark Visions by L.J.Smith June 23, 2011

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I think I have to review each book separately…

The Strange Power: Introduces us to all the main characters and the Institution where, Kaitlyn and every other psychic is going to spend the next year. After a few days the discover that not everything is what it seems. The book is really nice, I loved all the characters and the whole Institute life.

The Possessed: This is the second book and my least favourite. The characters are always on the run, but nothing really seems to happen. They are moving forward, but the story doesn’t.

The Passion: Thankfully the last part was awesome! The Institute is BACK! New amazing characters mix with the old ones to lead us to an extraordinary ending. Loved it! And it made up for the boredome the second book put me through.


Attica by Garry Kilworth April 21, 2011

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Attica is a book about growing up and discovering yourself.
The story starts with Chloe, Alex and their new half brother Jordy, the three of them move to a new house with their parents. The weird man that rented them half of the house he lives in sends them in an adventure to look for an old singing clock, from an old lover, that’s lost in the attic. When the three of them begin their journey they come across a whole new world, Attica. With its own weird residents and rules, this world will help them appreciate all they have and learn to get along with each other.
Throughout the whole journey the kids have to keep their hearts in the right place or else they’re going to end up trapped inside Attica for ever.

Every kid once had been intrigued by the mysteries of an attic and Garry Kilworth brings them all to life with his beautyful descriptions and unstoppable imagination.