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Crushed (The Witch-Game #1) by K.C. Blake September 2, 2011

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Kristen, Brittany and Cyndi are triplets and witches. Every year each of them picks a boy to crush with her colored dust. The boy is supposed to fall in love with them and do whatever his instructed to. But once Kristen crushes the schools bad boy, Zach, it seems that something has gone wrong. Little does she know that Zach is a warlock himself and he doesn’t like beeing crushed, so he decides to have a little fun with the little witch while trying to make her uncrush him. But fate has something other in store for them. A new witch is in town and she obviously doen’t like Kristen. The two of them will have to unite their powers to find out who she is and what she wants. And not every everyone will like the answers.

The first half of the book was a little bit slow. I would like Zach to play around with Kristen more before the two of them started to fall for each other. All the characters where memorable and the story was solid but I didn’t feel that drown to it. The one thing I adores about this book is Zach, he was the perfect boyfriend material.

I’m very curious about the next book, cause in this one the ending was very final. I wonder if it’s going to be about the same characters.


Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore August 31, 2011

Amy and Phin are spending their summer watching over their aunts farm, away from their family Goodnight magic. Or this is what they think. After a skeleton is found where a bridge is supposed to be build, the mystery of a town ghost is thrust upon them waiting to be solved. Amy, who has spend her whole life trying to balance her family world and the real one, will find herself in the middle of everything and will have to accept her onw magic if she wants to make it out alive.

The story is really nice. I loved the mystery and how it got resolved. Also I loved Phin, Amy’s older sister, she is a mad scientist type that you have to adore. The romance element was settle and really nice at times.

This book got 3 stars out of five, because it was really slow at the first half of it. Only after the middle everything started to move faster and exciting things happened.


A Kingdom Besieged by Raymond E. Feist May 17, 2011

The darkness is coming…

If you are a fan of epic fantasy novels, knights, battles, kings, queens, magicians, elves and everything related to them this is a fantasy world you’ll love.

The story of Midkemia started 26 books ago and still worth waiting every single book. In this 27th book the Kingdom is threatened by the empire of Great Kesh.  Spies from both the Kingdom and Roldem are disappearing or turned to the enemy side.  And when Jim Dasher, an agent from both the Conclave of Shadows and the Kingdom tries to find out what is going on he discovers an old enemy is still alive. The Pantathians, yet again, are playing a mysterious role in the new war that is threatening the Kingdom.

While we learn about the Keshians moving against the Kingdom we meet new members of the con Doin family. Martin is the middle son of the duke of Crydee and as the men of the west answer the King’s call to muster, he is left to guard Crydee Keep . Everything seems quiet until an invading army shows up at their doorstep and all hell breaks loose.

Another brilliant thing about this book is that for the first time we get to see the demon realm. We realize that demons are not as different from humans as we originally thought and we follow a pack of them who is trying to escape the Void that is starting to cover the realm destroying everything that it touches.

Filled with heroic battles, magical sceneries, romance and chivalry, this book is the first one from the Chaoswar Saga, the last known trilogy of Midkemia, but I wouldn’t recommend it  to anyone that hadn’t read the previous books.

Feist is, without a doubt, a master of his kind and can keep even the most demanding readers hooked on every book.


The Prophecy of The Stones by Flavia Bujor April 21, 2011

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Jade, Opal and Amber are three totally different girls.

Jade is rich living with her father, spends half her time daydreaming, and the other half landed in reality.

Opal is living in with her aunts in a normal town, with everyday-life destroying her fantasy.

Amber is poor living with her sick mother, with her mind never in the real life, always dreaming.

They all have the same birth day, and when they turn 14 their parents tell them they are adopted and give them their birth stones. After that they are send to meet each other, with the warning that they are enemies, and the destination of a magical kingdom, to learn about their prophecy and stop the Council of Twelve.

With their story we also learn the one of Joa, a sick girl in the hospital. The girls are actually in her dreams.

The book has a fast, interesting plot and intoduces us to a magical world where the laws of nature don’t apply. The main subject is hope, that people can change everything, even fate, as long as the have faith.