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The Secret Circle by L. J. Smith June 5, 2011

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Cassie descovers she is a witch when she moves in with her grandmother. It seems like her new school’s elite are all witches too and she struggles to fit in with them. The first book is about her finding out about her past and the secrets of her new town. Trying to do the right thing and eanding up captive from another member of her coven.

When the first book left me wanting more I was glad to see that the second  one was as fastpassed and interesting. The story is beautiful and with a lot of action. I would like a little bit more witch fights, calling on the elements and stuff, a little bit more active magic and not so much of herbs and crystals. The ending was good but not so much fulfilling, it didn’t left me wanting more or being extremely full, it just left me…

A good read for anyone, and I can’t wait for the tv series this fall!


One Response to “The Secret Circle by L. J. Smith”

  1. _oh my goSh the sEcrEt ciRcLe is reaLly breaTh taking…!!!!

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