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Holidays April 23, 2011

It’s Easter!

Which means the whole family gets together and does what it knows best, fight! Holidays make me realize the reason I left and the reason I’m never coming back.

Besides the whole thing is so fake. Suddenly everyone tries to behave like a good christian and goes to church, they even fast, or at least they try to… But the whole point is that they never do it cause they feel like it, but mostly cause they care what other people would tell about them. “Oh, he did not fast, he is not a believer” or something like that. Like they believe! It’s so frustrating to think that the people who actually say those things are the worst. The people who always fast and go to church and live by every rule the church gives them are usually the worst. They don’t even realize it. They think that they are so much better than anyone else.

Now let’s be reasonable. You don’t need to go to church to be a good person. You don’t need to fast or even celebrate Easter. You don’t need to be a christian or even believe in God. You don’t need any of these to be a good person or even better a great one!


Ambition April 22, 2011

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There’s a poster in my living room that reads:


The world makes way for those who know where they are going”

Usually when people talk about ambition they refer to it as something bad, like someone driven/blinded by his ambitions can do something really bad to others. But I’m gonna have to disagree.

Ambition is what drives people to evolve. It’s what motivates them to follow their dreams. Ok, so some people driven by their ambitions, sometimes, tend to step on other peoples bodies, but nothing was conquered without any victims! And even though not many people admit it, we live in a world where the big fish eats the small. We strive to survive and make our dreams come true.

Oh, by the way dreams are ambitions! You can’t say you’re not ambitious if you have a dream or a desire. People without ambitions are like empty shells!

When I talk to others about stuff like that they always say that not all people are like that, not everyone is willing to sucrifice others people dreams in order to make their own come true. I have to admit, if I had a chance to make my ambitions come true but had to stain my hads with “blood” in the way, I would only care if it was someone’s I care about.

People don’t realise how many things they are willing to do in order to make themselves happy until the day comes when a chance finally shows up and then the only thing they have to do is grab it!


Shadows & Regrets

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These lyrics are from Frontline by Pillar

“We drive on and don’t look back
It doesn’t mean we can’t learn from our past”

I believe that there are only two ways you can live, staying put or moving forward. People are really afraid of change because of the fear of the unknown. But staying put can be as dangerous for them as moving into the new!

Personally, I can’t stay put. I try as much as I can to move forward, all the time. Of course it’s not always working cause sometimes I find myself trapped in situations that I can’t get out from. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t try to keep on moving!

I believe that everyone is afraid of change cause they never know if it will be for the best. They’re afraid they might fail on something or do something wrong. But life is not about not falling down, is about being able to stand right back up!

Myself, I can’t say that I’m not afraid. Change can be really challenging but I enjoy it, cause not changing would be disastrous for me. That’s why I don’t really question the decisions that got me to the point I am right now. No regrets, that’s my motto! And I can proudly say that I don’t have any! It’s a powerful thing the force of will. I made myself this way. I decided a long time ago that I’d never regret anything and 6 years later…here I am, not regreting my past! It’s kind of easy for me to live this way, cause after all these years I manage to know myself as good as I can, know where I stand and what I believe and I came to love myself even more but that actually means that I also love all the things that made me…well, me! All the right and bad decisions I made. There are all mine and I embrace them both!


Attica by Garry Kilworth April 21, 2011

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Attica is a book about growing up and discovering yourself.
The story starts with Chloe, Alex and their new half brother Jordy, the three of them move to a new house with their parents. The weird man that rented them half of the house he lives in sends them in an adventure to look for an old singing clock, from an old lover, that’s lost in the attic. When the three of them begin their journey they come across a whole new world, Attica. With its own weird residents and rules, this world will help them appreciate all they have and learn to get along with each other.
Throughout the whole journey the kids have to keep their hearts in the right place or else they’re going to end up trapped inside Attica for ever.

Every kid once had been intrigued by the mysteries of an attic and Garry Kilworth brings them all to life with his beautyful descriptions and unstoppable imagination.


The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist

Magician(Apprentice & Master)

Our story begins at Crydee, a peaceful frontier of the Kingdom of the Isles. There two friends, Pug and Tomas start their apprenticing when they turn 13. But when they discover a wreck ship the destinies of two worlds are changed forever. An invading army from another world threatens the Kingdom and Pug and Tomas find themselves in the middle of the conflict, while they both discover that they are destined for greatness.


This is the sequel to magician, after the 12-year riftwar is over. Now, a new evil that raises the dead and makes corpses do battle with the living threatens the new king of Midkemia. And a new quest for the antidote to a poison has to be made in order to save the life princess Anita. With Prince Arutha on the lead a new adventure is unfolding and new characters are intoduced. Silverthorn is a stirring tale of magic, chivalry and romance.

A Darkness At Sethanon

A new enemy is threatening Midkemia. The dark elves are on the move with their new leader, the legendary Murmandamus. Prince Arutha, with his young squires Locky and Jimmy are set on a journey to stop Murmadamus, while Pug and Tomas start a search for Macros the Black to save their world. A Darkness at Sethanon introduces us to new faces, so many more battles and excitements, while letting us know a little bit more about the history of Midkemia and the whole Universe.

Raymond E. Feist is the most brilliant epic fantasy writer and The Riftwar Saga is only the beginning to a long journey of 28 books and counting! If you want to learn more about the world of Midkemia and Feist please visit


Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld

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  • The Secret Hour
  • Touching Darkness
  • Blue Noon

Jessica is a typical 16-year-old girl, who happens to be born at midnight. This doesn’t mean anything to her until the day she moves with her family to Bixby. Soon she discovers that she and a few others, the Midnighters, are able to live one extra hour every midnight, while everyone else is frozen. This is all fun until she learns that they are not the only ones moving through midnight. Darklings and Slithers are coming after her and she has to be protected.

The first book is introducing us to this new midnight world and follows Jessica as she learns about her new powers. On the next book Darklings and Slithers are not the only ones after the Midnighters, humans are starting to get involved in a dangerous chase and a secret from a long lost Midnighter comes to the surface. The final book of the series climaxes the action while one of the Midnighters is going through a huge change, he’s becoming a halfling, half-midnighter half-darkling. Also, mysteriously enough, time frozes in the middle of the day, leaving humans unprotected from the terrors of midnight. Finally, there is one last confrontation with the Darklings on the most dangerous midnight of them all, Halloween.


The Prophecy of The Stones by Flavia Bujor

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Jade, Opal and Amber are three totally different girls.

Jade is rich living with her father, spends half her time daydreaming, and the other half landed in reality.

Opal is living in with her aunts in a normal town, with everyday-life destroying her fantasy.

Amber is poor living with her sick mother, with her mind never in the real life, always dreaming.

They all have the same birth day, and when they turn 14 their parents tell them they are adopted and give them their birth stones. After that they are send to meet each other, with the warning that they are enemies, and the destination of a magical kingdom, to learn about their prophecy and stop the Council of Twelve.

With their story we also learn the one of Joa, a sick girl in the hospital. The girls are actually in her dreams.

The book has a fast, interesting plot and intoduces us to a magical world where the laws of nature don’t apply. The main subject is hope, that people can change everything, even fate, as long as the have faith.